Age: 34

Family: Boyfriend Brian who likes to surf and mind me when I go for long swims. Parents Martin and Marian live in Galway, I have one Sister Ger who is mom to my Nephew and Niece Adam (10) and Amy (5), Adam likes to jump in at black rock and Amy completes mini Channel swims in the Claregalway hotel swimming pool.

Occupation: Army Officer

Swimming Club: Atlantic Masters Galway

What got Dee into swimming: Swam with Shark SC when I was younger and it’s hard to resist the call of Galway Bay. Returned to open water swimming in 2004 via the galway Triathlon, continued to do triathlons for a few years before doing the Galway Bay Swim in 2012 and again in 2016. I have spent a lot of hours swimming in various locations sometimes for training sometimes just for fun. I have a some ice swimming experience with 500m under 2 degrees being my most extreme effort. I like to help other swimmers by providing SUP or Kayak Support. I have gone on a few swimtrek trips and have picked up swim friends from all over the world as a result. If you are looking for a great introduction to sea swimming in beautiful places I would highly recommend doing a trip like this, you will come home with so much confidence to swim further than you have ever gone.

Recent Swim History:
• Completed English Channel Solo Swim 14hours 54 min
• Hellespont & Dardanneles 4.5km (Europe – Asia) “world’s oldest open water swim”
• Galway Bay 13km