Age: 37

Family: 1 Child, Neysa Mates Dunne

Occupation: General Assistant, Tesco Bloomfields

Swimming Club: Glenalbyn Masters

What got me into swimming: My Dad was the manager and head lifeguard in Dun Laoghaire baths, and this is where I spent most of my childhood, so I’ve always had a love for swimming , especially open water swimming..
Unfortunately I stopped swimming for many years, having taken up some other sports, football, golf and boxing to name a few.. I still regularly went to sandycove for social dips with friends and family.
About 3 years ago, I wanted to take up swimming in a more competitive nature, which led to me joining Glenalbyn Masters swimming club..
Since then, I’ve gone on to compete in the Leinster open sea races
The highlight of my swimming was being crowned Leinster open sea under 40s champion in 2018.
Which I am xtremely proud of

What Swims have you done: 
• Leinster open sea races
• Leinster open sea races
• Under 40s Leinster open sea champion
• 7th in Leinster open sea swimmer of the year
• Leinster open sea races
• Lough Dan 5k